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Aug 24, 2009 10:00pm EDT
to help treat osteoporosis with once-a-month actonel. actonel is clinically proven to help increase bone rength to help prevent fractures. so you can get back some of what you lost. do not take actonel if you have low blood calcium, severe kidney disease, or cannot sit or stand for 30 minutes. follow all dosing instructions. stop taking actonel and tell your doctor if you experience difficult or painful swallowing, chest pain or severe or continuing heartburn. these may be signs of serious upper digestive problems. promptly tell your doctor if you develop severe bone, joint or muscle pain, or if you develop dental problems, as serious jawbone problems have been reported rarely. the more you know about osteoporosis, the more you'll want to ask your doctor if once-a-month actonel is right for you. (announcer) if you can't afford your medication, visit to find out how the alliance for better bone health may be able to help. erhuh ? yeah. me, too. how sick is the web browsing ? all the apps, gps, video... yeah... you didn't get your blackberry with the verizon network, did you ?
Aug 25, 2009 12:30am EDT
makes escription drugs ke actonel for bone loss and asacol for digesti disorders. ose drugs generate $2.3 billion in annl sales, adding out $540 million in profits p-and-g's bottomine. warner chilcott expects to kp most othe p-and-g pharceutical employees, the deal's expected to clo by the end of t year. innother acquisition, charlotte russe is bei taken private by advent inrnational. the private equity firm is paying $380 millioor $17.50 a share for the mall-basedeller of young womens clotng. the offer is a 27% premium t friday's closingrice. charlotte russe has 500 stes in the u.s. and puerto rico st year it's saletopped $823 milln. >> paul: susie, e company began exploring itoptions in january asales slumped and put itself on the marketn march. we'll see its we take a look our stocks in the news tonight. and those are the stocks in e news tonight, sie. >> susieit's the end of the road for the government's sh for clunkers pgram. the $3-bilon rebate plan ends tonight, for consumers. but late today, dealships were givenn extension. they now havuntil noon tomorrow to submit their paperwo
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)